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What Paint Colors are In for 2022 in Reading, PA? Warm White Ceiling, Soft Sage or Terracotta Walls & More

Are you terrified of making the wrong choice when it comes to selecting paint colors? Are you biting your nails over choosing the exact “right” choice of neutral for your walls? Confused about accent walls? According to the experts at Bill Engler Painting you are not alone and the hardest part of preparing your home…

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How to Prep for Painting in Sinking Spring, PA; Pressure Washing, Scraping Old, Peeling Paint, Drywall Repair & Priming

Painting is not straight forward as one may think. Paint job is a reflection of the preparation put in before the paint is applied. Any peeling paint or dirt that affects adhesion will detract from the new paint job. Then comes the choices, usually latex or resin-based paints for the inside with oil based for…

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Call a Professional Painter for Water Damaged Wall or Ceiling Stain Drywall, Texture & Paint Repair in Muhlenberg, PA

Many homeowners assume that stains on their ceiling are purely cosmetic and while it’s easy to cover ceiling stains with paint you need to realize that they didn’t come out of nowhere. Ceiling stains are usually a water stain that has been caused by a leak. Painting over it won’t fix the leak and the…

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