Call a Professional Painter for Water Damaged Wall or Ceiling Stain Drywall, Texture & Paint Repair in Muhlenberg, PA

Many homeowners assume that stains on their ceiling are purely cosmetic and while it’s easy to cover ceiling stains with paint you need to realize that they didn’t come out of nowhere. Ceiling stains are usually a water stain that has been caused by a leak. Painting over it won’t fix the leak and the problem will get worse. Bill Engler Painting outlines why it’s so important to address water stains as soon as you notice them!

Damage Caused by a Leaking Plumbing or Other Water Leak

Many of the materials used to build your home absorb water. When water starts to leak into wood, drywall or insulation it can spread quickly throughout your home. When you notice a stain, chances are that it’s just a small part of the damage. The water that stained your ceiling could have come through insulation and support beams before it reached the ceiling. You need to have a stain addressed right away to avoid major structural damage or a collapsed ceiling. Mold can also start to grow because it thrives in dark areas with a supply of moisture. There are also negative health effects from prolonged mold exposure.

Common Causes of Yellow or Brown Water Stains on Ceiling

It can be hard to figure out exactly what is causing ceiling water damage but it’s the first step.
1. Roof damage. General wear and tear and debris can cause roof damage. Inspect your roof as close to the ceiling stain as you can and look for damaged shingles, flashings and fascia that may be letting water in. Call professionals to repair roof damage.
2. Gutters. A gutter system is supposed to run water away from the roof of your home. When they become clogged, water will pool in areas of the roof and can leak into your home. Make sure your gutters are free of clogs.
3. Leaky plumbing fixtures. When plumbing fixtures leak on the upper floor of your home it can leak through the floor and onto the ceiling below. Repair leaky fixtures.
4. Pipe damage. When pipes become damaged through weakness, corrosion or hard water they can start to leak. You will need to have the damaged pipe(s) repaired or replaced.
5. Appliance water lines. Many appliances have water lines that are separate from the main plumbing pipes. Inspect these lines from time to time to make sure they aren’t leaking.

How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling

After you have discovered and repaired the source of the water you can tackle the stain. The stain will need to be cleaned with a mild bleach solution. After the stain is cleaned you will need to apply a stain-blocking primer and then the ceiling can be painted. You will need to wait four hours before applying a second coat of paint.

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Do not ignore a ceiling stain. The stain is usually the least of your worries. It is almost always a sign of water damage and the damage is usually more significant than just the stain. If a leak has caused serious damage in addition to the stain, contact Bill Engler Painting. Our experts can locate the source of the water, repair the damage and take care of the stain. You’ll never know it was there!

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