How Can I Make My Outdoor Paint Last Longer in Reading, PA? Do I Need to Primer House First?

When you have your home painted you want to make sure that it is done so that it will last for a while. You don’t want to have to repaint over and over due to bad workmanship and terrible products. If you want to keep your paint lasting there are several things that you can do. The benefits of having the paint lasting is you can save yourself some money. The cost to paint the home over and over can become quite expensive which is why you want to have it done right. Bill Engler Painting offers helpful tips to extend the life of your exterior paint.

What Weather Should You Paint In?

You may not think that it is big deal what temperature that you are painting in but there is an ideal type of weather. You can have your home painted any time of the year but for the best chance for the paint to last and stay is to do it in the fall or spring. The temperature will be anywhere from 60 to 80 degrees which is ideal for the paint to cure and dry. You also want to keep an eye on the weather so that you find a day that does not have any wind. The wind is bad for paint for some obvious reasons. The wind will carry with it dirt and debris that can easily stick on the fresh paint which is bad between each level and even on the top coat. Be sure that you choose a good day for weather when you have your home painted.

Do I Need to Primer My House Before Painting?

When a home is being painted it probably has a coat of paint on it already. You are going to be adding a new color that can potentially be seen through and that means that the old color can bleed through. It is always a good idea to start with a coat of primer. The primer will act as a barrier from the color that is already there and the new color. It will also act as a base coat so that the new color has the best chance to settle to the color that you wanted. Sometimes the under color can affect the finish product making is darker than you thought it was supposed to be.

What Surface Preparation is Needed Before Painting?

Just like when you paint your nails or a canvas you are staring with a fresh clean deface. If you paint over a cracked piece of wood or a missing piece of siding you are not going to be happy with the result. You want to be sure that you Go around the home and repair any loose pieces of siding, sand any worn wood and repair the ledges around the windows. This will ensure that the surface is set to accept the paint nice and smoothly.

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When you decide on painting your homes exterior it is a great idea to hire a professional painter. They are able to come out and prep the surface and use the best quality products to ensure that you have a result you are happy with and one that is going to last. Call us today!

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