How Do You Maintain a Deck in the Spring in Sinking Spring, PA? Clean, Paint or Stain, Seal & More

If you have a wood deck in your backyard, you know how many endless hours of entertaining it can afford. The outdoor living space that a deck offers is priceless. As much as you love your deck, it is important that you properly maintain it so that you can enjoy it for years to come. When you don’t give your deck the attention that it needs, you will run into constant repairs and problems with rotting. Bill Engler Painting is here to share some spring deck maintenance tips.

Deck Inspection

This is an important step. Every year, when you are doing your routine deck maintenance, you should give your deck a thorough inspection. Look for any weakness in the joints, loose boards or areas where there are rot issues. You may need to clear the flowers and bushes in the area so that you can get a clear picture of what you’re up against. You could end up finding serious issues that need to be dealt with and resolved, or you could simply have a couple of nails that need to be pounded back into place.

Clean the Deck

Because your deck in outside, it only makes sense that you need to clean it. There is all sorts of debris that can get lodged between the planks of your deck and need to be removed before you can finish the rest of your deck maintenance. The most effective way to get your deck truly cleaned is with a power washer. You need to be incredibly cautious when you use a power washer on your deck though. If you are using too much pressure, you can cause lasting damage to the planks that will not be able to be reversed. Also, you should be using a cleaning solution that will help you avoid mold and mildew which means it should have a bleach base.

Stain or Paint Your Deck

Before you can start the staining or painting process on your deck, you should give it at least 48-72 hours to completely dry after cleaning it. You want the wood to be completely dried before you start. You should be looking for a few things in your stain to get a beautiful finish:
– A stain that has a water repellent finish.
– A finish that has UV protection.
– A stain that has mildewcide in it to avoid mold and mildew problems.

Sealing the Deck

You don’t stop at staining your deck. You need to have a good sealer on it to keep it preserved. There are a few ways that you can apply the sealer. Some people choose to spray it on, while others will use a brush or even a roller. Choose the best option for you and don’t forget to complete this step.

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