How Do You Refurbish an Old Wood Deck in Shillington, PA? Inspect, Clean, Repair, Paint or Stain & More

A deck requires a lot of dedication and care, especially when the time comes to restore the deck. When a deck’s color begins to fade or the wood begins to dry out and crack, it is time to restore your home’s deck. When doing a total deck restoration there is a lot to do. To better understand what is involved in a deck restoration, Bill Engler Painting would like to share what goes into restoring a deck.

Deck Refinishing VS Restoration

A deck restoration is a bit more involved than deck refinishing. Often a deck refinishing is confused with a deck restoration. When refinishing the deck you strip and sand down the wood and then stain or paint the deck. A deck restoration is when the entire deck is inspected and repaired. This may involve replacing warped damaged wood, tightening down loose hardware or even replacing the hardware. Deck restoration doesn’t just make the deck look nice but it also ensures it is durable and safe. For this reason deck restoration is often best left to the professionals. They will ensure the deck is repaired and is safe to use.

Inspect Deck

When restoring a deck the first step is the inspection. The deck should be inspected from the ground up. During the inspection notes should be taken as to what attention is needed. You may need a support joist replaced or new floor boards. You made need to tighten down the railing and more. It helps to make a list of what needs to be down to ensure nothing gets forgotten. The list will also help aid in buying the needed materials to perform the needed repairs. Once the inspection has been completed and you know what needs to be repaired, you can buy the needed materials and have them on-site and ready.

Clean & Repair Damaged Wood Deck

Next, the deck will need to be cleaned and the damaged materials removed. Remove all vegetation that has grown up and around the deck. Take out the damaged material and any loose hardware needs to be tightened down. The damaged materials should also be replaced at this time. A lot of work can go into removing and replacing the damaged materials. However it is essential to ensure the longevity and safety of the deck. Once the deck has been cleaned and repaired, it is time to refinish the deck. The last step is refinishing wherein you will strip off the old stain or paint. The stripper will need to be applied, the loose paint or stain should be scraped off, and once again, clean the deck. The deck is now ready to be sanded down. Once the sanding is complete the deck can then be either stained or painted.

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Restoring the deck is not a simple task, often you will need to sand the deck two to three times, each time using a finer sand paper. It is recommended to put at least two to three coats of stain or paint on the deck and possibly use an outdoor sealer to protect the deck. Restoring the deck can be a long and time consuming project. If you find you need help restoring your deck, contact Bill Engler Painting. We provide deck restoration and more!

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