Is it Better to Paint the Whole House all at Once in Reading, PA? Save Money on Labor & More

More often than not, homeowners want change in their homes and to brighten the space. Painting is the most economical option to get that change. Some homeowners prefer to do one room here and there over the years, where others want to paint the house in its entirety. But which approach is better? Experts agree that painting the entire house often makes the most sense and offers significant benefits. Though painting one room, just the cabinets, only the trim or windows painted does give a clean, fresh look. But if the house needs painting as a whole, extending the project over time will take longer and be more expensive. Hiring a professional to paint the interior painting ensures a quality outcome. When compared to the freshly painted areas, the partial painting job will make unpainted spaces look dingy. You will also help the painting contractor deliver the best outcome as an entire house painting project streamlines the work. For both the project timeline and the pocketbook, having the entire house painted at once is one of the most efficient decisions, ultimately. With this in mind, we at Bill Engler Painting would like to elaborate on why painting the home all at once is in your better interest.

How Do You Prepare a Whole House for Painting?

Before house painting, assess the current state of the interior or exterior of the house to determine what may be required. Older homes should be tested for lead paint. This is especially important for homes built before 1978. Moving all furniture to the center of the room will help if emptying the rooms are not an option. Consider what color or colors are going to be used such as if entire house is painted one color this could also reduce the cost. Consult a professional who can suggest sample colors to try first when you’re unsure what colors will look great and fit your lifestyle.

What Preparation is Required Before Painting?

A very important step before applying any paint and prepping for the entire house will save significant resources is the prep work. Painters will look to see if any nicks or holes need to be patched, sanding done, nails and screws removed, wallpaper taken down, damaged trim replaced, outlet and light switch covers removed, and more for interior projects. To keep the paint from bleeding to the wrong areas, there will be detailed taping required. Cover floors and furniture as well. For a whole house painting project, doing all of this prep work produces quicker, less costly results. Painting part of the house, by comparison, would require prep work for each application.

Save Money on House Paint?

To determine the amount of paint, primer, and other materials necessary to complete the job, accurate measurements for whole-house painting is essential. Also, buying in bulk amounts is less expensive. Rather than purchasing small amounts for smaller projects. Since more house painting maintenance will need to be done as time passes, you’re painting just one room at a time or only the exterior trim for example, in the end.

Save Money on Painter’s Labor

There is a very efficient process crews use to paint the entire house. They will quickly get set up and do the prep work in a systematic order. If it takes multiple days to complete, house painting crews know how to clean up between, depending on the size of the project. Rather than room by room or section by section at different points in time, they can knock out the project very quickly when this process is done for the entire house. Rather than cleaning up after each room or section, crew will only have to clean up once. When the entire house is painted, all of this labor cost equates to less.

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When it comes down to it, painting the whole home at once is better in the long run. For interior and exterior painting services, call Bill Engler Painting and let us take care of it for you!

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