Is it Worth it to have a Wood Deck Cleaned & Painted or Stained By a Professional Painter in Muhlenberg, PA?

Your deck is one of your favorite places to be. You love sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. You have been noticing lately that it is time you fix and restain your deck. You have two options, you do it yourself or hire a professional to come to do it for you. Bill Engler Painting wants to help you understand why hiring a professional is the best and smartest way to go.

Best Quality Exterior Stains & Paints

You may think it is an easy thing to do and get your own stains or paints and do the deck by yourself. But if you have never done a deck before you need to know there is more than just picking out what you think will look good. You need to consider the age, composition, condition of the deck, and more. The great thing about hiring someone to come do your deck you don’t have to worry about any of those factors. A professional will do that work for you.

Deck has to Be Clean Before Painting

Before you paint or stain your deck, we have to make sure that the deck is clean. Not just moving the items that are on your deck and sweeping. Yes, you need to do that but you need to also clean off all paint chips and sand them down. A great way to clean the deck is to use a pressure washer. This can help remove paint chips and clean the deck off. Then after you sand it down you need to be able to blow all that dust away and possibly pressure wash again. You want to make sure you don’t have dust on your deck before you paint or stain because it will get your paint. A professional can come in and do all of this prep work for you. That way you know your deck is ready to be done correctly.

Fill in Deck Cracks & Make Other Needed Repairs

Many decks are made out of wood. Well, wood can start to rot or mold, get holes from pests, weather can affect the wood and other factors can cause the wood to need repairs. You want to make sure you fix all the wood that needs to be repaired before you re-stained or paint your deck. With a professional, if your deck needs to be repaired, they can come in and see what needs to be repaired and fix your deck before they stain it.

Paint or Stain a Deck?

If you have ever stained anything you know it can be a process to get it looking smooth and even. Now you apply that to a large deck it can be a big process. You need to make sure the staining is done correctly. Using the wrong tools or the wrong technique can make it look horrible and a waste of your time. Using a professional will ensure that it is done correctly and looks great. And not to mention it saves you time.

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Hiring a professional to come stain or paint your deck is very smart for you to do. We know what we are doing and it will save you time. Bill Engler Painting is an expert at painting and staining decks. If you are interested in improving your deck, give us a call.

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