Is Painting a Garage Floor a Good Idea in Sinking Spring, PA? Helps Keep Home Clean, Resists Stains & More

For those that are lucky enough to have a garage, have you ever thought of painting your garage floors? If you have, and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you may want to read further to help persuade you. Painting your garage floor comes with a whole list of benefits, and you may find that it is the perfect addition to help give your garage that finished look you are after. Bill Engler Painting is here to share the benefits of painting your garage floor.

Garage Floor Paint Helps Keep Your Garage & Cars Clean

You may not realize this, but the majority of the dust in your garage comes from the bare concrete floor; not the things you store in your garage. When concrete floors aren’t finished, they slowly break down which creates a very fine dust. It doesn’t take much to stir up this dust, after which, it will settle on your cars and other belongings you store in there. Painting your garage floor will finish the concrete and keep this dust from accumulating on your cars and the rest of the garage.

Painted Garage Floors Help Keep Your Home Clean

This same dust that gathers on the surface of all the belongings in your garage also attaches itself to the bottom of shoes and bare feet. Without this dirt and grime on the bottom of shoes and bare feet, you won’t have to worry about it getting tracked into your home.

A Finished Garage Floor is Easy to Clean & Helps Resist Stains

Cleaning your garage floors after they have been painted is no big deal. You can easily run a mop over them and you’re done. The painted surface also provides a layer of protection on your floor that make stains a thing of the past. There are many chemicals and oil that spill in the garage that will seep into the unfinished concrete. Once they have penetrated the concrete, it is difficult to get rid of them. When the surface is painted, all you need is some mild cleaner and a sponge.

Brighten & Add More Light to Your Garage with Paint

One of the first things you will likely notice once you paint your garage floors is all the natural light. The light from the windows and doors will bounce off the painted floors and make your garage look much lighter and brighter.

Make Your Garage Look Finished with Paint

Nothing will finish off your garage like painted floors. This will completely transform the appearance of your garage in a good way. You will love the way your garage looks once you paint the floor.

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If you have thought about painting your garage floors, the experts at Bill Engler Painting can help. We have the training and experience to give your garage the finished look you are after. We know exactly what type of paint will give you the best results and our close attention to detail provides our customers with high quality results. Call us today!

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