Is Painting or Staining Deck Better? What Protects Wood Better, Paint or Stain in Shillington, PA?

When it comes to protecting the wood on your deck, which is better staining or painting the wood? Most people base the decision on what they find esthetically pleasing. However paint or stain has their own set of pros and cons when it comes to use. For those who are searching for the answer as to which is better when it comes to stain or paint, Bill Engler Painting with share the pros and cons of painting versus staining your deck.

Pros & Cons of Stain

Like everything, there are pros as well as cons when it comes to staining wood. Some of the pros of staining woods are that you are able to maintain the natural look and beauty of the wood. For those who love the look of natural wood, staining gives you that option. Stain applied properly also protects against water and moisture well. Some of the cons of stain are that you will need to strip, sand, and refinish the wood at least once every two to three years, depending on the quality of stain you purchased. There is a lot of work involved in refinishing a stained deck. Additionally, stain doesn’t provide as much UV protection and if the wood is not regularly refinished, the wood can dry out quickly. However, some solid color stains are better at UV protection than the other types of transparent stains, so pay attention to labels.

Pros & Cons of Paint

One of the pros when it comes to painting your deck versus staining it is that paint typically goes longer between coats or refinishing needs. Painting is also a great way to protect against both UV rays and water, if you use a lighter color, it can even reflect the light and help reduce heat accumulation. Depending on how long you wait, you may be able to skip stripping the old paint and simply sand the ruff areas and paint over the old paint. You have more color options when using paint versus stain as well. Paint gives a synthetic look to your deck. However, if you use the wrong paint and don’t apply it correctly you will have poor protection against the elements. By the poor application of paint, your wood will decay and rot in some areas.

Is Painting or Staining My Deck Better?

Both will protect wood and depending on your taste, paint has a few more benefits compared to stain. For those who prefer the natural look, wood staining is the way to go. Regardless of which one you choose, it is important to prepare the wood correctly and apply properly. Both paint and stain will eventually need to be refinished to extend the longevity of your deck. Remember your deck’s most natural enemy is sun and water damage. It’s important to keep your wood properly protected.

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You should routinely have your wood refinished every three to five years to properly protect and maintain your deck. For those who find they lack the time, ability, or experience in resealing or painting wood, you can always acquire the assistance of a professional deck restoration or refinishing specialist. Bill Engler Painting provides deck refinishing and restoration. If you find you’re in need of assistance, Contact Bill Engler Painting and schedule your deck’s makeover today.

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