What are the Most Popular Color Schemes to Pair with Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances in Sinking Spring, PA?

When you sit and think about your dream kitchen do you ever think about the appliances? If you haven’t thought about it, then maybe you need to start thinking of what color you want your kitchen to be and would it go well with your stainless-steel appliances. If you are looking into painting your kitchen so you can make the kitchen the color you want in your home, then thinking about your appliances should also be part of the process. But where do you start? Bill Engler Painting knows about paint colors and what goes well with stainless steel appliances.

Gray Color Paint is Popular

Your stainless-steel appliances are already a gray tone so it would make sense to try and get your kitchen to match that gray color scheme. There are many different colors of gray you can choose from and have your countertop, walls or even flooring be different grays. This will help bring the whole kitchen together with stainless steel appliances looking great in your kitchen.

White Walls are Still in for 2022

Having your cabinets be a beautiful white will make your kitchen look classy, clean, and bright. When you have white cabinets in your kitchen you also know you will have an easier time going with the many colors you want to add. White cabinets are a great contrast with your stainless-steel appliances, helping them stand out and still look great.

Traditional Paint Colors

Are you a little old fashion and like the traditional colors for your kitchen? You like the wood, brown, and earthy tones. There is nothing wrong with this, it will give you a warm natural look. These colors will look great with the cooler tones on the stainless-steel appliances. These colors will also give your home a cozier feeling.

Is Yellow a Good Color for Walls?

If you are the type of person that likes bright vibrant colors. You want a lot of color in your home, but you don’t really enjoy the basic gray, white, or wood colors. Then you are in luck. How does a yellow sound? A bright yellow can make your stainless-steel appliances pop and shine. If you like making a bold statement then yellow is the way to go. If you are a little nervous about what color of yellow, you can always do samples before you choose the shade of yellow you want.

Do Green Walls Compliment Stainless Steel

Maybe yellow isn’t your color but you still enjoy color in your home and kitchen, but more of an earthy tone. Try a green color. Green is very in style right now and it helps bring both warm and cool color schemes. If you decide to go with green maybe choose a lighter green. Lighter green can help keep the space from feeling dark and help brighten up your kitchen.

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