What is the Best Color for a Nursery in Wernersville, PA? Calming Blue, Bright Yellow or Other?

One of the more exciting painting projects for many people is painting a nursery. When planning out a nursery, the color is key. The right color can bring in warmth, relaxation, and even promote creativity. There are a number of colors that work great in a nursery. When painting a nursery, you not only can choose from many different colors, but a nursery is the perfect place to use many different colors at the same time. Bill Engler Painting would like to share some of the most popular color scheme for nurseries.

Should Nursery Colors be Dark or Bright?

Blues – When painting a nursery for either boys or girls you can never go wrong with blues. Blues invoke a sense of calm and relaxation. You can even use multiple shades of blue in a single paint scheme. Some popular blue colors for nurseries are powder blue, aqua, pale turquoise, periwinkle, and duck egg blue. When looking for nursery colors and themes, you will never go wrong with the blues.
Green – Are you looking for a gender neutral color pallet? Green is another great color that brings a nursery together. Green is a great color that can bring out creativity and also is a calming and comforting color. Green pairs well with other colors if you want to have bolder accent colors. Some of the popular green colors for nurseries are often sage, apple, mint, olive, moss, and wintergreen. Greens are a safe color if you are keeping the gender a surprise or even of you are having twins that is a boy and a girl.
Pink – Pinks are a playful colors are also warm and comforting. Traditionally, pinks are mostly used for a girl’s rooms. However, the pink color family can become too harsh if not used carefully. It’s best to use softer shades of pink such as pastel or peach pink. You can play with the off shoot pink color such as light purple, lavender or lilac.
Brown – Earth tones brown and yellow is another great color scheme for nurseries. Browns and yellows are warm colors. Earth tone pallets can use many colors in the same room. You can use both browns and yellow and also incorporate green and blues with ease. Some of the popular earth tone colors for nurseries include taupe, light beige, light tan, and a chocolate brown.
White – Yes, white can be a great color for a nursery. White is clean and soothing to your little one. White also provides a great opportunity to use one, two, or even three accent colors. You can make a nursery very colorful when using white as your primary color. Avoid pure white, however. Instead, use whites with some tone to them such as ivory, antique white, pearl white, cream or a vanilla white.
Gray – Gray has become a popular color that is used throughout a home and even has found its way into nurseries. Gray is a color that brings out contemplation and calm. Gray works well with other colors such as blue, white, purple and pink. You can bring more color to a nursery with gray as your primary color. However, for a nursery, you will want a more playful shade of gray. We recommend light bluish gray, dove or silver gray for a baby nursery.

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