Do You Have to Use Exterior Paint Outside in Sinking Spring, PA? Protect House Siding, Trim & More

In the diverse world of paint, every type has its place, each with its very own distinct formula, characteristics, and intended use. When painting the outside of a home it is very important to use a quality exterior paint. Today, Bill Engler Painting would like to highlight what makes exterior paint so special and why it is important to use the right type of paint when repainting the outside of your home.

Why is Exterior Paint Important Outside?

The simple answer is durability and resistance. Exterior paints are specifically designed to combat the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Exterior paint is designed to stand up against rain, snow, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Interior paints, on the other hand, are not formulated with such demanding conditions in mind. As a result, using interior paint for an outdoor project might lead to rapid deterioration of the paint and its color.

What Sets Exterior Paint Apart

UV Resistance – Exposure to the sun is almost a daily routine for the exterior of your home. To protect your home’s exterior against the sun’s damaging UV rays that can cause the paint to fade and degrade over time, exterior paint is developed with UV resistance in mind.
Mildew & Mold Resistance – Outdoor settings often see higher levels of moisture, which can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and fungus. Additives are included in the formula of exterior paint. These additives are used to prevent the growth of these unwanted guests, improving the longevity of your paint job.
Enhanced Flexibility – As temperatures fluctuate or changes, exterior surfaces can expand and contract. Exterior paints need to flex along with these changes, which is why exterior paints are designed to be more flexible. This prevents the paint from cracking or peeling under the stress of temperature and the expanding and contracting surfaces.
Glossier Finishes – Both interior and exterior paints come in a range of finishes, but exterior paint often leans toward glossier options. Glossy finishes can resist weather related damage more effectively and are easier to clean, which is an essential for outdoor surfaces.
Specialized Binders – To ensure paint adheres well to exterior surfaces and can brave the elements, exterior paints uses a specific type of binders. The specialized binder helps the paint to adhere to a variety of exterior surfaces. These binders also aid in maintaining the paint’s color and finish despite harsh weather conditions.

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Paint is not a “one size fits all” type of product. When painting the exterior of your home, using a paint specifically designed for outdoor use will provide the durability, color, and weather resistance you need. On the other hand, while exterior paints can technically be used indoors, they may not offer the same aesthetic appeal and could lead to unnecessary expenses, given their typically higher cost. So make sure to use the right type of paint inside or outside of your home. If you are preparing to have the outside of your home repainted and need a quality painting service, contact Bill Engler Painting and schedule our services today.

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