What is the Best Type of Paint to Use on the Exterior of Your House in Wyomissing, PA?

When it comes to the outside finishes on your home, your home can be made out of many different types of materials. Depending on the type of material your home was built with, you will decide on what type of paint you use to paint the outside. Different types of home exteriors do better with different types of paint than others. Bill Engler Painting is here to talk about what type of paint works best on the most common type of home exteriors.

What is the Best Exterior Paint for Full Sun Exposure & Other Conditions on Different Surfaces

There are several different types of materials that can often be found on the outside of the house. Whether it’s brick, vinyl, aluminum or wood, you are going to want to choose your paint according to the type of material your home was made with.
– Aluminum: Some homeowners might not realize that they have the ability to paint their aluminum siding. If you are ready to freshen up the look of your home, you can paint your house as long as you choose the right type of paint the paint that works best with aluminum siding is acrylic latex paint that is designed to be used on metal. Make sure you choose the right sheen as well since flat or satin work best to hide any imperfections on the siding.
– Wood: When it comes to wood siding, you want to make sure that you choose a paint that is flexible as wood often absorbs moisture from the air. The best type of paint to use on wooden or shingle siding is water-based acrylic latex, acrylic enamel, and acrylic-latex enamel paint. They will give you the durable finish that you’re looking for.
– Vinyl: When choosing paint for your vinyl siding, it is important that you avoid it choosing paint that is too dark. Vinyl siding doesn’t have the ability to absorb too much heat before it starts to warp and buckle. As far as the type of paint you should use, acrylic paint formulated with urethane resins are going to be your best choice.
– Stucco: Elastomeric paint is going to be the best type of paint to use on stucco because of its ability to repel water. This type of paint is formulated especially for stucco. Even though it comes with a little bit higher price tag, it will be worth the extra cost to use the right type of paint.
– Brick: For the most part, you should avoid painting the brick on your house. If there is even the slightest bit of moisture found on the brick it can get trapped between the paint and the brick which will lead to damage. If you are wanting to change the color of your brick, consider having it professionally stained.

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