How Do I Choose the Right Exterior Paint in Sinking Spring, PA? Hire a Painter to Use Best Weather Resistant Paint Colors

When the time comes to repaint the outside of your home, you should be prepared to make a major investment. Painting your home exterior can be expensive. Depending on the size of your home, the cost can vary in the thousands. When making this kind of investment you will want to ensure you love the new color and that you are happy with the overall result of the painting. Bill Engler Painting will share a few common mistakes to avoid when choosing an exterior paint.

Choose Weather Resistant Paint

When choosing a paint it is important to know your climate. The exterior paint will be exposed to all of the elements, including UV light, wind, rain and snow. In Pennsylvania, we get rain, wind, about 28 to 38 inches of snow, and we also receive plenty of sunlight. You will want to make sure to choose a paint that can protect your home against the weather. Pennsylvanian homes are also prone to developing mold as well as having hot summers and cold winters. Often many homeowners will choose the wrong type of paint or choose a cheap paint that does not hold up against our local weather. For out Pennsylvanian climate, many professionals recommend a 100-acrylic flat latex paint or some of similar quality.

How Do I Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

It is important to love the paint color you choose when investing thousands of dollars to repaint your home. However, there is more to consider than just picking the right color. You will want to get the right color that works with your neighborhood. For those who live in an HOA, you must comply with their standards. Often an HOA will have certain limitations or color requirements. If you live in an HOA, you will need to contact your HOA and talk to them about paint colors. Another consideration when picking a color is how the paint color really looks on your home. Never base how the color looks on the paint chip. Once the paint is up on your home and dried, it never looks the same. It is recommended to get a small sample paint in the colors you are interested in and paint them on your home’s exterior, including the trim. Once the paint is dry and on your home you will better know if you like the paint color on your home or not. Exterior painting isn’t cheap, even if you try to paint your home yourself. Make sure you love the colors you pick. Take the time and get the paint sample and paint them on your home.

It is Worth Getting a Professional Painter

Many people will try to save money and paint their home’s exterior. However, a lot can go wrong when painting your home yourself. Often the home isn’t properly prepped and cleaned, and it can be dangerous painting the high sections of the house. To ensure a quality paint job it is recommended hiring a professional. A professional will have all of the proper tools and equipment to ensure a quality paint job.

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