Is it OK to Paint on a Rainy Day? What Temperature & Humidity are Best for Exterior House Painting in Maxatawny, PA?

As we start to see the weather get warmer and warmer, it’s time to start thinking about the projects that we are ready to tackle outside. One of those projects for your home this year might be exterior paint. When you are getting ready to paint the outside of your home, you have to think about more than what color you are going to choose. You have to think about what the weather is doing as well. The weather can have a big impact on the way your paint job turns out. Bill Engler Painting is here to talk about what the weather needs to look like to paint the outside of your home.

Does it Matter what Temperature it is when You Paint?

Some people may not realize that the temperature outside can have an impact on the way that paint dries. It makes a big enough difference that you should always check the weather before you start painting.
– Painting in the Heat: Believe it or not, weather that is too hot can be just as difficult to paint in as weather that is too cold. It can cause the paint to bubble and blister as it tries to dry. You shouldn’t paint in weather above 90 degrees.
– Painting in the Cold: For some people, they don’t mind having their home painted in the cold. When it comes to cold weather, you need to be sure that the temp isn’t going to drop below 50 degrees for 3 days after application. If you’re painting in weather that is too cold, it can have an impact on the overall life expectancy of your paint. Also, keep in mind that paint doesn’t dry as quickly when the weather is colder; so you have to wait longer between coats.

What Happens if You Paint when Humidity is High or Low?

The moisture or humidity in the air is also something that needs to be considered. It can be frustrating for anyone trying to paint a surface when the humidity is too high. You should be looking for weather that has the humidity between 40-70%. If it’s not humid enough, the paint has a hard time adhering to the surface. The wood will eventually crack and split. Leaching, which is brown or white discoloration, is also a concern when the humidity is too high. Obviously, if there is rain in the forecast, you should completely shut down any painting operation. The rain will do your paint no favors and will completely ruin your results. You need to have no rain for about 3 days before you can paint the outside of your home.

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