Is Spring the Best Season for Painting Exterior Walls in Muhlenberg, PA? Mild Weather & More

If you are like many homeowners, you have a spring cleaning list a mile long of tasks that you’re hoping to complete as the weather gets warmer. Much of the time these tasks include projects inside and outside of your home. One thing you might want to think about adding to your spring cleaning list is exterior painting if it has been many years since your home was painted last. Painting the outside of your home is one way to boost your homes curb appeal and has the ability to completely transform the way your house looks. Bill Engler Painting is here to talk about why spring is the perfect time of year for this project.

Why is the Spring Season the Best Time of Year to Paint the Outside of Your House?

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to have their house painted in the spring. Here are just some of the reasons why spring is the optimal time for exterior painting:
– Mild Weather: Both the winter months and summer months experience extreme weather. While winter time is going to bring much colder temperatures, the summer months bring scorching heat that is not ideal for exterior painting. However, the spring season has milder temperatures and less extreme weather, making it the ideal time for exterior painting. Exterior painting requires ideal temperatures that don’t fluctuate much throughout the day or night.
– Beat the Rush: Many homeowners don’t think about painting the outside of their home until the summer time. Those that do think about having their home painted in the spring can beat the rush that many painting companies experience during the summer. No one wants to wait several weeks or months to have their home painted. When you call on your painting professionals during the spring you beat the rush and can often get your home painted at a great price.
– Less Foliage: The foliage around your home can be an obstacle for any painter. When you have your home painted during the spring, many of the seasonal plants, trees, and bushes haven’t had a chance to fill out yet.
– Less Travel: Many families will often take advantage of the summer break from school to experience vacation time together. If you have a summer that is packed full of travel, it can make finding time to have your home painted difficult. When you have your home painted during the spring, you more than likely aren’t traveling yet and are home to ensure the process is a smooth one.

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If you are ready to have the outside of your home painted, there is no time better than the spring time to have this project done. At Bill Engler Painting, we offer top notch interior and exterior painting services that will leave your home completely transformed. Don’t hesitate to call on us to paint the outside of your home this spring. Call us today!

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