How Do I Find the Perfect Interior Paint in Reading, PA? What Room are You Painting & More

We ask ourselves many questions, such as does my home need a makeover? Should I repaint to give my home a fresh new look? What color or types of paint should I use? These are all good questions. If you have already answered these questions and decided it is time to refresh your home and give it a makeover with a new coat of paint, then the only question left is what kind of paint or color you should use. Bill Engler Painting has a few questions of our own to help you answer those last basic questions.

Does the Smell of Paint Affect You?

Are you sensitive to the smell of paint? If you are sensitive or dislike the smell of paint, you may want to consider using water-based latex paints. The water-based latex paints have far less odor then oil-based paints. Latex paints are also easily cleaned and works well for interior uses.

What Room are You Painting?

What kind of activity is expected in the room being painted? Especially those with little ones or pets, walls can become easily soiled and dirty. If the room your painting receives a lot of activity and will be exposed to children or pets you may want to consider using a high gloss or even a semi-gloss paint. These types of paint are much easier to clean and the paint won’t wear off. They are also more resistant to cleaning and moisture. However if you don’t expect much activity in the rooms you are painting, flat or sheen paints can be used. What kind of atmosphere do you want in the room you are painting? If you want a room to feel more cozy or welcoming, consider using warm colors such as yellows, oranges and reds. If you want rooms to feel more relaxed, blues, greens, grays or cooler colors will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Do You Want a Room to Feel Bigger or Smaller?

Do you wish certain rooms would feel bigger or smaller then they are? Certain colors such as lighter colors can help make a room feel more open where darker colors create a tighter or smaller feel of a room, making it cozier.

How Long Before Room Needs to Be Painted Again?

How long do you want to put off the need to repaint? Depending on the type of paint you use, it may require you to repaint sooner than other paints. If you wish the paint to last longer use a high quality paint that is 100% acrylic latex interior paint. However if you like to alter the look of your home with frequent changes in the paint color of your wall you can use cheaper kinds of paints.

How Long Should it Take to Paint a Room?

How much time do you want to spend on a painting project or how much time can you put toward a repainting project? If your time is limited, you may want to use a paint that is both a primer and paint so you only have to paint your walls once. If you have more time, it is best to prime the wall separately and then paint it with your chosen color for a fresher and cleaner look. However there are short cuts that can be taken if time is limited.

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By asking these questions you should have the answer to what colors you should use and what kind of paint will suit your needs best. If you find you don’t have the time or you need assistance with your home painting makeover, contact Bill Engler Painting today.

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