Are there Different Types of Interior Design Concepts in Shillington, PA? Painting Modern & More

We all have different tastes in many aspects of life which makes us all unique as well as adding versatility to the world and escaping the “one size fits all” motto, so to speak, where things would get boring fast. Interior design is a long the same concept, with so many options as far as interior design is concerned, you have many options. Today, we at Bill Engler Painting would like to touch on the different interior design types and the optimal ways to paint your home with the specific interior designs. The currently popular interior designs include; Contemporary, Modern, Industrial, Nautical, Scandinavian, and Farmhouse. There are dozens of others interior design option for your consideration as well.

Painting Popular Interior Design Styles

Contemporary: With wide open spaces and simplistic and practical furnishings, Contemporary design appeals to many for its casual atmosphere. Painting a Contemporary designed home needs to be conducted with neutral colors. Generally painted in tones of white or light beiges, add sophistication with grays and even go bold with a black accent wall. Contemporary includes bare flooring options, painting the walls in contrast to the floor can make it pop while still keeping with the intended interior design. Keep the majority of walls soft and neutral when painting the Contemporary home.
Modern: Natural shapes, minimal accessories, conservative furnishings, open spacing, clean and uncomplicated, Modern interior design is very similar to Contemporary with some differences. Like Contemporary however, when it comes to painting, the use of neutral colors is key. White is most often associated with Modern design, but having a soft, but brighter accent wall can help stick with the Modern design but break away from the sterile and plain environment. Again, bare floors are used, woods, concrete, or basic and solid colored carpeting, so painting the walls to reflect the flow is essential.
Industrial: With complicated brick exposure, distressed wood applications; the Industrial design is more rustic in nature. Painting the walls in subtle copper tones, neutral colors, or textures will help you achieve the Industrial style. With rustic or antique furnishings, complimenting the rooms with painting clean lines or rugged vintage ornamental techniques are acceptable, just ensure it coincides with the rest of the décor and design options, too much in one direction can be chaotic.
Nautical: Capturing the essence of a beach house, the painting should encompass the relaxation warmth such homes and cottages have to offer. Incorporating unfinished woods, chic upholstery, and accessorizing with sailboats, seashells, and other such ocean-oriented accents harmonize the décor. Blues are the primary accent color used when painting and decorating. Opting for neutral colors as the base color is ideal; white, creams, grays, and light beiges capture the Nautical design.
Scandinavian: Very similar to the Modern style with keeping with the basics, opens spaces, and minimal furnishings and accessories, Scandinavian adds gentle contours, playful accent walls, and a harmony of engineered and natural materials. Primary color is white, but neutral tones paired with bright colors to bring out your playful nature will complete the Scandinavian interior design of your home.
Farmhouse: A modern-cabin inspired style, the Farmhouse design is transitional with traditional elements. Distressed wood and upholstery along with rustic accessories encompass the Farmhouse design. Painting the Farmhouse design is done with colors of mostly beiges or creams, but white is also acceptable, and accented with pops of turquoise and yellow.

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