What is the Most Popular Kind of Interior Design Style in Wernersville, PA; Modern Paint Colors & More

Interior designers have a name for every style or mood that each painting palette creates. But what do these terms mean? Bill Engler Painting will cover some of these design styles and explain what gives them their own name and distinctions.

What Interior Design Styles are Popular?

Modern – Modern is a broad term used to describe clean, crisp lines and simple colors. Most furniture that fits with the modern paint palette is typically glass, steel and metal. The modern design is to bring a sense of simplicity which in the end gives each room a sleek clean and also sterile feel.
Contemporary – Contemporary often gets confused with modern style homes. However where the two blend well together, there are differences. One thing that sets contemporary apart from a modern design is the representation of currency with fewer adherences. As an example contemporary will use similar color palettes but will use curves and motion or fluid textures which is what mainly set a contemporary style apart from modern.
Minimalist – Popular in the Japanese and Australian home the minimalist suggest just that. Simple colors if any are used at all. In most cases, the minimalist style uses white walls and trims with most wooden furniture or even steel with plain color schemes. Most describe a minimalist’s home as extremely clean and orderly.
Industrial – Homes or apartments that feel more like a warehouse than an actual living space is classified as industrial. Industrial design uses bland colors and natural surroundings. Often wood walls are use as accents versus color. Industrial designs also include high ceilings and large open spaces.
Mid-Century Modern – Mid-century modern is a combination of modern that meets older world. This means plain and simple painting schemes on walls are used such as white colored walls with simple trim accents. Rustic or older furniture such as wooden antiques are used to bring out the mid-century style to the home. Mid-century modern is surprisingly popular.
Traditional – Traditional designs use rich colors and textures. Along with dark wooden accents for trim, baseboards and even wainscoting help define a traditional style. Ornamental furniture with bright colors is naturally found with traditional painting palettes.
Transitional – Transitional is becoming more popular since it is both traditional and modern in design and style. Transitional creates the sense of balance from clean or sleek color palettes to the unexpected touch or curve of rich colored furniture, while still using glass, steel or metal furniture with bright accent colors. Transitional may also use natural colors mixed with bland furniture.
Rustic – rustic style uses natural colors mixed with natural elements such as wood or stone. Rustic style often brings much of the outside elements inside, such as wooden beams or floors. Often rustic style use wood furniture with little–if any–color and typically natural.
Hollywood Glam – Hollywood glam is what is considered clean, sleek, and with very little color. Typically most associate this style with luxurious sterile furniture like steel, glass and metal much like modern, however with the added element of comfort. Sometimes bold color is used.

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These are some–but not all–of the styles used to describe homes and the feelings they create. Many seek a change in life style and mood and that starts with your home. If you are looking to change the style of your home, Bill Engler Painting can help you achieve your goal quickly and professionally.

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