Painting & Home Value; Does Paint Color Matter when Selling a House in Muhlenberg, PA?

It’s no secret that we are greatly affected by colors. They can depress, inspire, exhilarate, and even relax someone. It is also common knowledge that the colors your paint your home can have a direct effect on someone that is looking to buy your home. When you are choosing paint colors for your home, remember that the colors you choose may have an effect on the sale price of your home later down the road. Bill Engler Painting would like to talk about how paint colors have the ability to change the sale price when selling your home.

Does Paint Color Affect Resale Value?

When you are searching for a product, marketers know that color will greatly affect your choice in the end. They spend several hours choosing the right colors for their products to appeal to a wide variety of people. There are some colors that might do very well at selling a product, but only in small doses. The color of your home, is the first thing a buyer will see when they pull up to your home. You want it to have the right effect on them. It makes perfect sense that if marketers put this much effort in understanding the psychology of color and the affects that it has on their buyers, the same consideration should be made when getting ready to sell your house. Color really does matter in selling your home.

What Paint Colors Make Your House Sell for More?

White – Studies have shown that when your home is painted white, it exudes a feeling of safety. This color is widely known to help buyers feel like the home signifies a feeling of a safe haven or shelter from dangers.
Brown – There are many shades of brown, and when dealing with lighter shades of brown, including tan, it can give your house a very earthy feel. Brown tends to help buyers feel a sense of security about the home. They have a way of working with the landscaping to create a feeling of tranquility. Earthy tones are warm and inviting.
Blue – Through recent studies, blue has been found to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. When you are using blue, stick to lighter tones. They have a calming effect on people and have an overall soothing nature to them. Deep and dark blues can turn off buyers when they are too dark. To play it safe, stick to lighter shades of blue.
Red and Orange – If you are thinking of using red or orange on the inside or outside of your home, use it wisely. These colors can be too strong and overpowering when they are overused. Red is better used in small doses than large ones.
Yellow – Yellow is a very bright and cheerful color. It often has the ability to cheer someone up and make them feel happy. It is a great option for your home inside and out. There of course, is danger in using too much yellow. If you are planning on using it on the exterior of your home, look for yellows that are softer and subtle rather than bright.

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If you are getting ready to paint your home, take into consideration the affect your paint color choice might have on future buyers. This is especially true when you aren’t planning on living in your home forever. Bill Engler Painting can help you choose just the right paint colors for your home and then expertly apply the paint for a flawless finish. Call us today!

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