How Can I Make My Kids Room Fun & Interesting with Interior Painting Design in Wyomissing, PA?

Your child’s room isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s also an inner sanctuary that your child can retreat to when he or she wants some time to study, play or spend time with friends. If your child’s room is looking a little outdated and needs a makeover to reflect their current personality and interests the knowledgeable design experts at Bill Engler Painting have some inspirational tips and advice for creating a customized space for your young ones that won’t break the bank.

What are Some Good Room Themes for Kids?

Athletic /Sport’s Inspired: Regardless of age, if your son or daughter has a favorite team or sport, it can easily be incorporated into the design of the bedroom. Stencils for example are a great way to add paint onto the walls of the room in the form of sporting equipment and team logos along with incorporating team colors with paint and accessories. This general rule can also be applied for a child who is interested in cheerleading, ballet or hobbies such as rock collecting. Remember less is more, so keep accessories to a minimum to avoid creating a cluttered and haphazard look to the finished room.
Neutrals for Impulsive Kids: For some children, their likes, dislikes and interests can literally change at the drop of a hat. Try painting walls in a neutral color and allow your child to make a statement using decorative items such as pillows, throws, drapes and wall art. Changing décor is an easy and affordable way to keep the area looking fresh while allowing your child’s tastes to shine through.
Stripes: Use your child’s favorite colors to create a fun statement. Stripes can be vertical, wide, narrow or in a variety of widths. Stripes work especially well on an accent wall to create visual interest in the room, horizontal stripes for example can be used as a border around the room. Complement stripes by utilizing solid bedding with a splash of color. White furniture works especially well with striped walls painted in either bright colors or pastels.
Magnetic Paint: For younger children, use magnetic paint to paint a dolls house or town complete with roads, then attach magnets to miniature doll furniture and toy cars to create a play space for your child. For older children, you can use magnetic paint to create the foundation for a bulletin board which can be used for artwork, photos and other mementos.

How Can You Encourage Children to Participate in Interior Design Decision-Making Choices?

Allow your child’s bedroom to reflect their personality by helping them create a space that is truly their own. Resist the urge to take over and choose paint colors and accessories that are to your liking rather than the child’s. While you may not like what they choose, it will raise your child’s sense of esteem by creating a space where they feel comfortable and secure.

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