What to Consider when Choosing Interior Paint Colors in Sinking Spring, PA; Color Trends & More

Picking paint colors is harder than you think, and walking into a paint center to choose a color can be overwhelming. Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to transform a room or your entire house, but choosing the wrong color will cost more if you hate it enough and need to repaint it. There are things you can do to avoid making the wrong choice and Bill Engler Painting lists some of them below.

What is a Common Mistake when it Comes to Choosing Paint Colors?

1. Picking a color based only on a paint swatch. Those little cards are small and trying to choose a color from one for an entire room a mistake. The color of the paint swatch will be different when a large area of the room is painted with it. You should always test the color before you paint the entire room. If you would rather not have larges patches of different colored paint on your wall, you can use a piece of poster board with the colors you’re considering. This makes it easy to move the color to different areas of the room where lighting changes throughout the day.
2. Painting the room and ignoring the décor. It’s a good idea to pick out furniture and fabrics before you start picking paint colors. Getting some key items in the room before painting will make it much easier to pick the right color and the color will be easier to select when larger pieces of furniture are put in place first. It’s easier to find the color that will compliment them. After the paint has been chosen, you can go ahead and choose the decorative items like pillows and curtains to tie the room together. These items are also less expensive and can be switched out as often as you like.
3. Assuming all color is created the same. For example, if you’ve decided to paint your bedroom red you can’t assume that any shade of red will do. There are so many different shades to choose from and there are undertones to take into account that can drastically change the way it looks. The next step is to pick a general color and then try out different shades in the room. This will allow you to see how each color will look with your furniture and the lighting.
4. Picking a color because it’s trendy. Ignoring the color you really want because you want the new trendy color is a mistake. Just because gray is the new “it” color shouldn’t make you pick it if you find rainy cloudy days depressing! Trends can help you think about a new color direction but shouldn’t be the deciding factor because trends come and go.
5. Choosing only from neutral paint tones. It can be a mistake to opt for neutral tones just because you’re worried you might happen to repaint. Your favorite color also comes in neutral shades too because neutral shades just need to be a balance of warm and cool tones. Try going outside the muted sections of the color wheel. It’s better to make a colorful statement over “safe” any day.

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