What Color Kitchen Walls are Trending in Exeter, PA? Warm Black, Moody Browns & More

Picking out a color for the kitchen can be overwhelming. It’s not so effortlessly changed as a living room or bedroom, which can generally be repainted or redecorated in a matter of hours as the entire family is in and out of the kitchen throughout the day. Your color choices have greater importance since the kitchen, the cabinets, appliances, flooring, walls, countertops, and backsplash tile all combine to become a cohesive palette. Today, we at Bill Engler Painting would like to share the trending kitchen colors to help you get some ideas. Fortunately, what is trending are also classic and will not being going out of style anytime soon. Below is a brief list of trending colors for the kitchen.

What are the Latest Trends in Kitchen Colors?

1) Going Bold with Black. As a brilliant color choice, black can surely make its way into your kitchen. However, rather than coating the whole kitchen, it is better to use it on a single wall. Or you can keep the upper ones bright and light while choosing dark for the lower cabinets. It still makes a statement, and you can use black according to your style.
2) Greens with Nature Inspirations. It is assured to be especially favored in cooking spaces with green being the must-have color option everyone is buzzing nowadays. It is a timeless and safe color to add to your kitchen as green is the color of nature. Specifically on cabinetry where green paint colors can actually shine, you can consider tones ranging from deep emerald to a soft sage pop for your kitchen.
3) Warm Greys. Greige is the new white and it’s a color between grey and beige. As people look for neutrals that feel pleasant instead of crisp, this brown-toned grey matches the warm trend. Warm grays also keep up the versatility that makes them so desired in kitchens as well as provide more interest and depth compared to pure white.
4) Sunny Yellows. You can give kitchens a fresh and different look when you paint them yellow. You don’t have to go completely yellow to have a brightening effect, though this kitchen color trend adds cheeriness and warmth to kitchens. For cabinetry and accessories, you can use other complimenting colors. Whether you love yellow for the walls, a single walls, or for the cabinetry, it can make for a warmer kitchen.
5) Rich-Earthy Tones. Transitioning from whites and softer blues toward grounded, warm shades like blush, terra-cotta, and even plum are foreseen kitchens color options. The rich earthy tones are in trend these days. As they embrace the color and texture inherent in the wood, people also prefer more natural wood cabinets in kitchens.

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