What Should I Look for when Painting a Ceiling in Sinking Spring, PA? Prime, Best Tools & More

Most homes will have the ceiling painted. There are many different types of ceiling or material used for ceilings and many of those materials are painted. Painting the ceiling provides a protective layer, or sometimes to cover stains. When you need to paint your ceiling for the first time or you want to give it a fresh coat, there are a few things to know about painting a ceiling. Bill Engler Painting will cover some of the top considerations when painting the ceilings inside your home.

Cover Everything Under Ceiling & Prime

When painting the ceiling, the first step is to cover everything. Cover your furniture and your floors because drips will occur. When doing a major painting project that include walls and the ceiling, always start with painting the ceiling first. Starting with the ceiling will give you time to correct any splatters and drips from painting the ceiling. After covering everything, the first step in painting the ceiling is applying a primer. Especially, if the ceiling has never been painted. For best results, always have a primer as the ceiling’s first coat. A primer will ensure the paint goes on evenly and smoothly. Additionally, the primer adds a protective layer that will help protect the ceiling from moisture.

Use Best Tools for Painting Ceiling

When painting the ceiling you will want to make sure you have all of the proper tools. Some ceilings are fairly low, while some homes have vaulted ceilings. You will need tools to help you reach and apply paint on the ceiling evenly. Painting a ceiling is a much bigger challenge compared to walls. When painting the ceiling you will need masking tape to run along the walls so the paint does not get on the walls. You will need a paint brush to paint in the corners and tighter spaces. You will also need a good and stable ladder and a paint roller with an extension tool. Depending on the height of the ceiling, some professional painters will even set up a portable scaffold system. If you have challenging ceilings, it is best to seek a professional service that has all of the tools and equipment to paint the ceilings.

Know Ceiling Texture Pattern

Certain ceiling have a dense texture such as popcorn ceilings, or high texture. When the ceiling has a high, dense or high texture, you will need a thick roller made for higher textures. Spray painting super textured surfaces is another option. Depending on the type of texture that’s on your ceiling, you will want to get the right painting tools. You will want to have the right roll nap thickness for your type of ceiling texture. For smooth ceilings you will want to make sure to use a thinner roller nap to ensure a smoother and even cover.

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When it comes to painting a ceiling there is a lot to consider. You need to be able to paint the ceiling safely and effectively. Where painting the ceiling is a major challenge, it never hurts to have the help of a professional painting service. For interior and exterior painting services, contact Bill Engler Painting today.

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